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Flymaster Open

Krusevo, North Macedonia

2021-08-21 - 2021-08-27



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Flymaster Open 2021 is the 2nd edition and will be organized by the Worlds 2019 team, in the magic competition place, Krushevo, Macedonia from 21st to 27th August 2021. Educational and competitive event with the highest possible technological level, using many industry leading systems for our sport as live-tracking, retrieval and scoring tools etc… Friendly and welcoming atmosphere dedicated to provide best racing and fun for all classes.

Location Details
Location Details

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans, 159 km from the capital Skopje, 55 km from Bitola, 32 km from Prilep, and only 68 km from the Macedonian – Greek crossing border “Medzitlia – Niki”. Main takeoff places are East and West starts. Very comfortable even for beginners they also enjoy excellent (in mountain terms) roads connections. East Start 1420m ASL (41.340802, 21.256547) It is facing east – northeast towards Pelagonia Valley. It is several minutes drive from the town and an asphalt road goes almost through the launch. When you take the paraglider out from the car, it is already on the place where it should be open. Lazy pilots will love this launch. East Start is a grassy shallow slope bordered by big trees from the South, which offers thick shadows in sunny days. Home thermals are everywhere: on the left, on the right side from the take off and sometimes straight ahead. All kind of different cross-country flights can be made from East start. Usual flights are out-and-return to town Prilep to the East, all kind of triangles and zigzags in the valley or over the ridge or distance flights to the South up to the Greek border. Coming back from the South is quite difficult because in “normal” summer afternoon light north wind is blowing through the valley. A good road connection helps coming back.


Paraglajder klub Ekstrema


Martin Jovanoski +38971740028 jovanoskimartin@gmail.com Copies of entry fee payments should be sent to flymasteropen@gmail.com.

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Registration Details

Entry Fee: 190 € up to 30th of June 230 € up to 30th of July 250 € after 1st of August Prizes from the Partners for the winners. Cups and Medals for each category. Each pilot gets • flymaster livetracking • transport and retrieval • color map • competition shirt or similar gift • free access to all championship events and parties • 2 free drinks partys • Free internet (Wi-Fi) access at the HQ


There will be Cups and Medals for each category. Also, additional prizes from the partners will be given to the winners. Flymaster provides top-notch products for the contest and lottery winners Overall, Serial, Sport, Women, Macedonian, Lithuanian

General Schedule

Official Registration: 21 st of August, 16h00 – 19h15 Hotel Montana, Competition Headquarters Mandatory Safety Briefing: 21st of August, 19h30 – 20h45 Hotel Montana Congress Hall Welcome drink: 21st of August, 21h00 Hotel Montana Bar and Terrace Contest flying days: 22nd to 27th of August (maximum of 6 competition tasks) Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony: 27th of August 21h00 Krushevo Main Square or Montana Hotel (depending on weather conditions)

Daily Schedule

Competition days: 08h30: Headquarters open 08h45: Team Leader meeting – Complaints , Protests status – result 09h30: Transportation to take off 10h15: Task and Safety Committee meetings (flexible timings) 11h15: Pilot briefing/Task briefing (flexible timings) 12h00: Take-off window opens (depending on the actual weather conditions) (flexible timings) 16h00: Scoring office opens 21h00: Provisional results (depending on the last pilot being retrieved) (flexible timings) The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes of the daily schedule before the start of the competition will be announced at the website of the competition. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director at the official daily briefings and posted on the official board at headquarters.

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