Real LiveTracking


The Tracking Device

Using TRACKER, you'll access the unique world of second-by-second live tracking. A rugged and waterproof device that will measure and upload every aspect of your activity - speed, distance, altitude, heart rate (when paired with HEART-G) and many more...

Ready To Track You Everywhere

Track, analyse and share your outdoor activities

In activity your data is automatically uploaded for further analysis. Once the activity is over, you can view your performance, checking your relevant sports parameters. You can also share your activity with the LiveTrack360 community and with your friends (coming soon).

Tracked At 360°

On air, water or land, always be safe

One of the most compelling details of adventure sports is the inherent risk. However, it is important that the risks taken by the athletes are calculated. Being trackable at any moment is a key aspect.

Waterproof Live Tracking


LiveTrack360 is an online service designed specifically for TRACKER. If you’re into outdoor activities and aren’t yet part of this community, it might be time to get a real-time sports device.